Solar Systems

Twin panel install on storage boxes
Twin panel install on storage boxes

If you run your engine or generator to charge the batteries on your boat, you don’t need telling about the soaring cost of fuel. So… if someone told you about a way to get your batteries charged for free, you’d be interested, right?
Well, of course, we all know there’s really no such thing as a free lunch, but for a moderate investment in solar panels, over a period of time it starts to get near the truth. So if you could save 2 hours running a day at say 1.25 litres/hour at say 87p/litre that would save over £2.00 a day… do the sums!!!
If you live aboard your boat I guess you may need to run your engine for up to 4 hours a day if your energy consumption is anything like ours! The laptop, TV and fridge are our biggest consumers of electricity and even if you are out all day that fridge is still soaking up your precious power.

 This Month’s Special Offer

  • 140w 7.8A Single Panel system fitted from £500
  • 280w 15.5A Twin Panel system fitted from £750

We can also quote to supply panels mounted on hardwood roof boxes.

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